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Jennifer Miller


Marooned Mini-Series Screenplay
About the Author
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Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge-Audio Book
Run, Rasputin Run! Book 1
Run, Rasputin Run! Book 2
Run, Rasputin Run! Book 3
Run, Rasputin Run!-Audio
Christmas Tails
Living with the Dying

About the Author


is currently being made into a screenplay by the award winning screenwriter, Kathy Krantz Stewart!




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Marooned Miniseries




Jennifer is a new author frustrated at trying to make a living as a voice over actress. She decided to pursue a hidden dream she has had since a child: to write!

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A few years ago, she tapped into those desires and her heart and mind reached forth together to find the solace and satisfaction to her being, that she craves and needs.


Jennifer thrives on the outdoors and wildlife in all its wonder and glory up in the mountains, surrounded by trees and peaks hovering high above her. She likes to hike, ski and snowshoe. Some days you may find her tracking the mountain lion, breathing the same air as they do, communicating and appreciating their greatness. Animals have fed her with spiritual food all of her life that has filled her with adventure and purity of mind, body and spirit.


Jennifer lives in the Santa Susana Pass Mountains, in West Hills, CA with her two feline friends – Heathcliff and Rasputin

Jennifer's Goals?
To continue her writing, and to keep involved with saving the wolf and other wildlife from human threats, greedy corporations and politicians.
She is working to preserve the land they need and to help make sure a balance is kept between man and beast.

55% of all book sales

are donated to:


The Humane Society

Defenders of Wildlife

Sierra Club

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Newly Released!

"Christmas Tails"

Novel 1 - Sweet Revenge

Audio Book

Now Available!

"Sweet Revenge"

(12 discs)

read by Dave Giorgio

Rated 5 *****

Run Rasputin, Run! Trilogy

Novel 2 - Run, Rasputin Run!Book 1

Novel 3 - Run, Rasputin Run!Book 2

Trials and Friendships

Novel 4 - Run, Rasputin Run!Book 3

Rasputin's Redemption

Audio Book Trilogy

Run, Rasputin Run!


7 Discs

Novel 5 - Marooned


Miniseries screenplay has been completed and is ready for production.


Seeking producers/investors


Book 6- "Christmas Tails"

Book 7- "Living with the Dying"

Novel 8 - Autumn Run (2013)

Coming Soon...

"Autumn Run"

"A Cry in the Wilderness"