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Jennifer Miller


Marooned Mini-Series Screenplay
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Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge-Audio Book
Run, Rasputin Run! Book 1
Run, Rasputin Run! Book 2
Run, Rasputin Run! Book 3
Run, Rasputin Run!-Audio
Christmas Tails
Living with the Dying
Run, Rasputin Run! [Audiobook]
The Trilogy

This is a wonderfully performed 7 CD Children's audio book, made up of three books from the "Run, Rasputin. Run!" series of books.
Expertly narrated by Pat Fraley.
Your entire family will enjoy these exceptional tales!

Sasha the bear cub, on his own from poachers, finds new friendships as he struggles to realize his potential. Danger awaits in the jaws of the mean wolf, Rasputin.

Trials and Friendships Book 2 -- Spring has arrived! But sudden illness befalls Sasha. Can he overcome his past, or will Rasputin the feared wolf hold the upper paw?

Rasputin's Redemption Book 3 -- One night on a run to destroy Sasha and all his friends, the mean Rasputin jumps gleefully on a frightened prey. Finding it to be a defenseless wolf pup, he howls in sadness; his cries heard throughout the night. Will he leave it to die, or will he raise it as his own?

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