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A Powerful Saga


Marooned is the 19th century tale of Justin Radcliff, a young American who, on a voyage to the Ivory Coast, is beaten and thrown overboard by his evil twin brother, Edward.


Kolya, a handsome black man and leader of the Zulu tribe there, finds Justin caught in his net while fishing. Kolya nurses him back to health and together they form a deep bond that can’t be broken.


Lost in a country that has shown Justin violence, hate and destruction, he finds a new life with a love that torments his very existence. A beautiful, sensitive love story that struggles with truth, pain then acceptance.


A saga filled with passions and revolts, betrayals, greed and murder. It is a time of discontent, rebellion and struggle to stay alive.




          About the Author


Jennifer is a new author frustrated at trying to make a living as a voice over actress. She decided to pursue a hidden dream she has had since a child: to write!


A few years ago, she tapped into those desires and her heart and mind reached forth together to find the solace and satisfaction to her being, that she craves and needs.


Jennifer thrives on the outdoors and wildlife in all its wonder and glory up in the mountains, surrounded by trees and peaks hovering high above her. She likes to hike, ski and snowshoe.


Some days you may find her tracking the mountain lion, breathing the same air as they do, communicating and appreciating their greatness. Animals have fed her with spiritual food all of her life that has filled her with adventure and purity of mind, body and spirit.